Oskar Pişmaniye

Plain and Cocoa Flavored Oskar Cotton Candy

Our Cotton Candy that are loved by people of all ages, with its brilliant consistence and taste…

Oskar Pişmaniye
Oskar Pişmaniye
Delicious Treats

The Delicious Combination of Thready Cotton Candy

Oskar Pişmaniye
When the sweet cravings hit

Various Kinds, Lots of Flavors

Oskar Pişmaniye
Happiness in Pieces

Products with a hidden savour in every piece

Oskar Pişmaniye
100% Sugar Beet

It is produced with healthy recipes using sugar beet 100%.

The Address of the Sweetest Confectionery

The variety of confectionary products that meet with the customers under the name of Oskar Pişmaniye has a wide range in a lot of different categories. The flavors that hold an important place in Turkish cuisine are produced according to their histories by using today’s technological means in hygienic environments.

Each and every one of the products in the confectionary category are produced with the same delicacy and quality. We offer a range of different products not only for children but also to a big age group from 7 to 77. All kinds of our products can be found at oskarpismaniye.com.

The preparation and presentation of our products are completed based on the traditions. When the geographical condition of our country is reviewed, it can be seen that the way how the flavors are prepared can change from region to region. Taking this into consideration, we tried to catch a genuine flavor in our productions.

Points of Sale

We are big and strong together as Oskar Pişmaniye